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Kapakahi Grindz in Action

Go check um go...

Kapakahi Grindz is opening a pop up KAPAKAHI GRINDZ RESTAURANT!!! To celebrate this occasion we put our friends to the test... with the Spicy Pastele Challenge. 

You think you can handle?

Kapakahi Grindz Management

Kapakahi Grindz teamed up with 808 VIRAL to create some of the grossest LauLau we could imagine... mission accomplished. VOMIT ALERT!!!


Kapakahi Grindz Management

We experience some of the best interactions with our amazing customers. You wouldn't believe the questions we get... and we LOVE THEM ALL. Give us a call and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have. 



Kapakahi Grindz Management

We love taking the drive out towards Kahuku Racetrack & we feel like badasses serving grindz to these riders. There's just something about being in the mountains... makes us feel like Avatars dressed in camo print. 


Kapakahi Grindz Management. 

If you contact us for catering & we ask if there's anything else you might need... don't be afraid to tell us. Chances are we might have resources that would be helpful to your party planning. Food & Entertainment... CAN DO. 


Kapakahi Grindz Management

Kapakahi Grindz was mentioned on the LOCAL BRADDAHS top 10 plate lunch spots on Oahu. Yeeeehgeee We couldn't be more grateful. MAHALO guys!

-Sistah Chan & Chardonnay

Panadeja Princess comin' atcha LIVE & DIRECT!


Kapakahi Grindz Management

What happens when you invite us to your holiday party??? We crash it with a food challenge... SPICY CHICKEN WANG... hahaha!

Happy Holidays,

Kapakahi Grindz Management

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