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Kapakahi Grindz is a food truck and catering service founded in 2009 by Native Hawaiian wahine, Chantelle Berengue. Located in the heart of Wahiawa, Kapakahi Grindz is well-known for serving local favorites such as pastele stew, poke nachos, and the juiciest smoked meat you ever did taste!


Owner Chantelle Berengue has a deep passion for foods of all types and enjoys coming up with innovative ways to combine traditional local favorites with various cultural dishes. Chef Chan is a self-taught cook and her travels to Tahiti, Guam, Japan, Thailand, and New Zealand allow her to learn cooking techniques that she can bring back home and share with her diverse customer base. After all, Hawaii is a melting pot of cultures which is what makes our eating experiences so unique in the islands. 


Kapakahi Grindz is a small-business that values hard work, creating delicious memories and treating people with aloha! Please come and visit us at the wagon, we look forward to serving you.



In an effort to be environmentally friendly to our island home Kapakahi Grindz has implemented the following procedures into our business:


Buying Locally Grown Products

Chef Chan purchases some produce, meats, and fish from local farmers and fishermen. 


Growing our Own Produce

Kapakahi Grindz will soon be growing some of our own produce using sustainable hydroponic and aquaponic systems. 


Recycling Food Waste

Food waste created by Kapakahi Grindz is taken to local farms to feed their livestock. 

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